PassMoz LabTunes

Efficinetly recover forgotten or lost password from iTunes backup file. Built with two amazing password cracking engines, PassMoz LabTunes has all the things you need to unlock an iTunes backup.

OS Support: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, OS X Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan and macOS Sierra

Boost Cracking Speed 10X Faster with GPU Acceleration

No one wants to take weeks or months to recover iTunes backup password, right? Everyone prefers a fast and reliable solution when they had problems. With the new upgraded version, PassMoz LabTunes adds support for GPU acceleration, which boots the performance 10 X when compared to previous version or other similar software.

No graphics card on the computer? It is OK, too. In default, LabTunes only uses CPU for password recovery task. You are free to choose the hardware resources being added to the program at setting fields.

Compatible with Latest iTunes and iOS Devices

With continuous improvements, PassMoz LabTunes is able to be in accord with iTunes and iOS updates. So even the backup file was made on the latest iOS device, PassMoz LabTunes has the potential to decrypt the password in a short of time. This is a huge advantage to other iTunes backup password recovery software.

Supported iOS Devices: iPhone X, iPhone 8/8P, iPhone 7/7P, iPhone 6S/6SP, iPhone 6/6P/5S/5, iPad Pro, the New iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

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Two Powerful Cracking Methods You Can Choose From

One big difference for iTunes backup unlocking program is how many cracking engines it supports. Not the more the better. For PassMoz LabTunes, we only choose the most effective ones to reduce the time users will take to find out what it means. We care about user experience more than you could imaged.

Create USB Reset Disk

Brute-force Attack

One of the oldest methods to crack password from iTunes backup. Still a valid solution as there are so many updates and improvements regarding this matter. PassMoz LabTunes empowers the up-to-date engine to help you find out the password.

Create DVD/CD Reset Disc

Brute-force with Mask Attack

It would save a lot of time if you had impression of the password, such as password length, character type, prefix, etc. That is the way we designed this cracking method. It should be the preferred way to crack iTunes backup.



Unlock iTunes Backup Password within 3 Steps


1. Download PassMoz LabTunes on a Windows PC or Mac computer. Follow the instructions to install it.


2. Open LabTunes and add protected iTunes backup file to the program. Make sure select the correct one.


3. Choose a password attacking method in this step. Leave the program alone and wait for the result.
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Loved by Thousands of Users

  • " PassMoz LabTunes is the great software that only took a few hours to recover the password. Though the password was not that strong enough, I am still impressed by the efficiency of this program."
    from James

  • " Have been searching across the Internet and tried at least 5 programs claiming it could crack iTunes backup password. None of them actually helped me untill I got to know PassMoz iTunes password recovery software. "
    from Carter

  • " I was desperate when I found out the password was long. Fortunately, I still remembered part of them ans used Mask attacking method to recover the password. To my suprise, it really worked after running PassMoz for 2 days."
    from Amy



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