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How to Remove Password from Excel Sheet

How to remove password from protected Excel? This tutorial teaches the users how to remove Excel protection with or without the correct password. Does this sound crazy? It is the fact! Read more >>>

May 20 , 2018 at 17:39 by Ivan Cook

The Best Way to Crack Excel Password

Excel can't be opened because a password is required for access. How to crack the password when you don't have the right password? Is there any way to crack the password in easy way? Read more >>>

May 24 , 2019 at 14:50 by Ivan Cook

How to Unlock an Secured PDF File

When a PDF file is secured by password and you don't have the correct password, PDF unlocking tool is needed to crack the password from it. Here introduces 3 best PDF unlocking tools available in 2019. Read more >>>

May 31 , 2019 at 18:01 by Ivan Cook

How to Remove Password from PDF File

No matter you know or forgot the password of PDF file, there are actionable tricks out there to help you remove password from PDF file on a Mac or Windows PC. Read more >>>

Jul 11 , 2019 at 16:11 by Ivan Cook

How to Remove Password from Word Document

Can not open a Word file because of password protection? How to remove the password from Word document if password is unkown? Here goes two reliable ways to remove Word password. Read more >>>

Jul 31 , 2019 at 16:43 by Ivan Cook

How to Add Password to Word Document

Adding password is an secure mechanism to protect a Word document. However, the encryption method is different from version to version. Check out the Word version and follow the steps in this post. Read more >>>

Jul 31 , 2019 at 17:20 by Ivan Cook

Recover PDF Password on Mac and Windows

You forget the password of your PDF file, but you do not know how to remove it from our file so you're stuck without access. This guide will show you three best ways to delete PDF password on your Mac. Read more >>>

Aug 09 , 2019 at 17:53 by Ivan Cook

How to Password Protect a PDF

PDF file that contains sensitive private or corporate information should be protected with a password so no one could see the content inside unless he or she has the right password. Read more >>>

Aug 23 , 2019 at 16:43 by Ivan Cook

How to Crack Password from Word Doc

You might come across Word file being protected by unknown password. There is no way to open it unless you get the correct password. You have no choice but to crack the password. Read more >>>

Nov 12 , 2019 at 17:08 by Ivan Cook

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